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Where your words matter

Sometimes the right words will escape you...
and that's where I come in.

Whether it be writing your resume, proofreading your report, copywriting for your website or next business flyer, or providing you advice about how to get online and grow your small business,
you can rely on me to find the right words... words that will help you (& your message) stand out!


Making words work for you

My name is Shell, and I am the Writer-in-Chief here at Words Etc. and Tradie Resumes. 

I offer a diverse range of writing services and am focused on helping my clients find the right words to tell their story.

After 15 years working as a writer, marketer and project manager in the corporate world,
I now work from home and like to keep things simple and relaxed, yet still professional.


By getting to know you, your story and what you need to say,
I know my passion & experience in writing will be able to help make you shine!

How can I help you?

Whether it be professional or personal, business or pleasure...
the right words can make all the difference!


& Cover Letters

Your story matters. 
When you're going for your dream job, I will help you tell your career story in a professional way, so they can't help but offer you an interview!

~ Specialising in resumes and cover letters for Administration, Corporate, Professional, Nursing & Trade Roles


Because words matter.
The right words have the power to move hearts and minds, and when they are moved, action is taken. And, for small businesses, action matters.

~ Specialising in Small Business & professional documents, reports and papers, and offline & online marketing materials.


The details matter.
Don't let poor grammar, questionable sentence structure or typos distract or disengage your audience from your compelling message.

Whether it's a business document, your first fiction work or your website, you have a story to tell, so tell it well.

Small Business Consulting

The big picture matters.
Online marketing can be overwhelming. I can help small business owners understand the online landscape and develop strategies for continued growth.

~ Specialising in building an online presence, social strategy, stakeholder engagement and content development

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